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NOTE: This is a modest archive, some sources may have opinions we do not share, or may not be as reputable as others.

Specific Sources To Avoid Here

Useful Specific Articles, Papers, and Essays:

LB Lee's Quick n Dirty Plural History

Integration Not a Requirement - Professional source

Article on Healthy Multiplicity - Not a super good source but its there.

Moral Status And The Treatment of DID - Source on arguing that headmates are people, backtracks in denial at the insitutionalized cruelty and makes the opposite conclusion at the end.

Six-year Follow-up of the Treatment of Patients With Dissociative Disorders Study - Source on Low Integration Success Rates (12.8%)

Multiplicty Pamphlet (archived)

A Partial History of Plural Self-Advocacy

Can the DSM-5 differentiate between nonpathological possession and dissociative identity disorder? A case study from an Afro-Brazilian religion

Critiquing the Requirement of Oneness over Multiplicity: An Examination of Dissociative Identity (Disorder) in Five Clinical Texts

Multiplicity: An Explorative Interview Study on Personal Experiences of People with Multiple Selves

Personality Characteristics of Tulpamancers and Their Tulpas

Article: Young People With Multiplicity

Exploring the Utility and Personal Relevance of Co-Produced Multiplicity Resources with Young People

Staying Present By Claire of “Ben and Claire” (BC)- Tulpamancy document

Why the Theory of Structural Dissociation is Ablest

Reading the Original Theory of Structural Dissociation

Deconstructing Structural Dissociation

Dissociative Identity Disorder (thing) by oakling

Multiple by oakling

Big List of Plural Resources - Google Doc

More Tulpa Studies

Many Authors One Body


Itch.io plural collection

Dog(s) - Short story game

DysCaLcu1ia: The Social Math of Multiplicity - Written Zine

The plural spectrum tool

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi