Plural Creators & Creative Projects

Youtubers & Streamers:


J Shea Forrest

Left at London

Three Colors in a Line

Weirdo on The Bus

Maverick Mahem | Vincent20angels | Dancefloor Degrader | Elysium Collective


Saint Pupper

Plural Created Works:

The Sunspot Chronicles by The Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera

Harmless Free Radicals by Fenmere of The Inmara Ktletaccete Fenumera

6 Feet by Left At London - music

My Friends Are Kinda Strange by Left at London - music

Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi - book plural collection

Ouroboros: A Plural Zine by R.O.S.C.O.E. - transcribed zine

Pines' - interactive fiction + stories

Quakes' - interactive fiction + stories

LB Lee's - ebooks

Dog(s) by SoftAnnaLee - Short story game

Bee and Moth by Beeyolk - Short story game

DysCaLcu1ia: The Social Math of Multiplicity - Written Zine

Ramiel by Fang and Stargirl - Short story game

Chrysantheme Ezine Archive

Plurality by Meg-John Barker

Driftself by Packbat - Short story game

When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase - book

The Roommate From Hell by Micah Amundsen - webcomic

Multiples by Robert Silverberg

Multiplicity 101 - Podcast (Abandoned)

The Bag System - Podcast

Here Be Monsters #69 - Podcast episode

Cinnamon Spice Tea - webcomic

Systemspeak by Emma Sunshaw - podcast

The We in Me - podcast

Plural Selves zines 1+2 - zines by Rewriting The Rules

Do you have a plural created work or are a plural creator? Let us know so we can add you!