Welcome! This is the personal website of The Dragonheart Collective. Here you will find a varety of resources, essays, and other projects.

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This site will be used mostly as a hub for resources, writings of ours, and links to our personal projects, often relating to plurality and nonhumanity.

All writings of ours posted on this site are free to print, archive, translate, and redistribute provided credit is given and it is not monetized.

This site is rated PG-13/Teen for: General strong language, outgoing links with sensitive content, and mentions of sex, violence, drugs, and heavy topics.

Recent Changes:

5/5/2024 - Added The Scent Thing Essay, minor edits across site, added Pluralpedia to the unreccomended page.

2/27/2024 - Aditional fixing of ARIA markers on some pages, added New System Member Guide.

10/19/2023 - Mass site link overhaul done. Accessability, link, and other small changes. Additional outlinks links added to the hoard.

8/24/2023 - Added a large number of links, added plural book page, added notice of upcoming site organizing.

8/13/2023 - Added Werecard template, and our othercon 2023 panel and script.

7/2/2023 - Sidewide edits both major and minor to a large number of pages, some new added links, added a seperate page for nonhuman and fictional identity creators, and added a shrine.

2/6/2023 - Changed around system about pages, changed language on site archives to be more inclusive, added some sites to the archive.

1/30/2023 - Added webring, many small edits across the site, changed the style of all long articles on the site to be a bit more easy to read.

1/21/2023 - Added more archive links + zine contribution, many sitewide edits, updated common plural terms.

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