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Off-Site Projects:

Plurals In Media Blog | Dreamwidth Mirror

Nonpersonal Documents:

Safety In Alterhuman Spaces [HTML version] - 27 pages (3/12/2022)

"How Do I Know If I'm Plural?" [HTML version] - 9 pages (6/4/2022)

"Should I Tell My Friends/Doctors/Parents About Being Plural?" [HTML version] - 11 pages (7/6/2022)

Living Articles:

What Switching Feels Like - Last edited 12/24/2021

Writing Plurals - Last edited 3/25/2022

Personal Essays:

Nonhuman 10 Years Later by Silver (4/24/2021, minor edits 5/28/2021)

On Purpose - Positive Nihilism by Silver (7/25/2021)

And The Walk-In Was (Probably) You by Silver (8/2/2021)

Alignments - A Memory Dump Essay by Silver (8/27/2021)

Significant Distress - Rain vs The DSM by Rain (11/18/2021, minor edits 3/25/2022)

Archetrope Chatter by Silver (3/6/2022)

Culturally Cats by Silver (3/12/2022)

The Plural Sort of Ego Death by Kan (6/3/2022)

An Open Letter To The Rest Of The Inclusive Plural Community (9/15/22, minor edits 9/22/22)

Xeno As In Nonhuman - Gender Essay by Silver (9/22/22)