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We are The Dragonheart Collective. We are multiple people living in one body, all of which do not identify as human.

For information about plurality please look [HERE]. For information about nonhumanity please look [HERE].

You may refer to us collectively as 'Dragon/The Dragon(s)' if you aren't being formal and with 'they/them' pronouns. This is an adequate catchall and is preferred unless you are talking about a specific one of us.

No, you are not entitled to our medical and/or trauma history, do not try to armchair psychologist us.

We do not vibe with -genic terminology/system origin being the most important information about our plurality.

No, we do not care if you think we are 'cringe' we are just existing on our corner of the internet. Simply use the back button if our content and selfhoods upset you.

The purpose of this website is the following:

- Hold information on primarily alterhuman and plural subjects, but also other miscellaneous resources.

- Publish various projects and writings of ours.

- Have a cute little slice of the internet to decorate and personalize for fun.

Do you want a page put up, taken down, or otherwise want to chat? Contact us at our [Dreamwidth].


- Silver | They/It/No Pronouns | Your usual dragon

- Rain | He/It | Has Seinority

- Fawn | Fae/She/They | Shapeshifter

- Mell | She/They | Tired

- Cody | He/They | OwO

- Kan | Xe/She/They | Sexy Roomba

Individual About Pages:

These are not mobile or screenreader friendly, sorry! There are also blinking gifs.

[Silver] [Mell] [Rain] [Fawn] [Cody] [Kan]

Potentially some shrines or somesuch here.