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We are The Dragonheart Collective, or just 'Dragon'/'The Dragon' if you aren't being formal. We are multiple people living in one body, all of which do not identify as human.

For information about plurality please look [HERE]. For information about nonhumanity please look [HERE].

You may refer to us collectively as 'Dragon' and with 'they/them' pronouns. This is an adequate catchall and is preferred unless you are talking about a specific one of us.

We collectively identify as dragonic and some flavor of feline alterhuman.

No, you are not entitled to our medical and/or trauma history, do not try to armchair psychologist us.

We do not vibe with -genic terminology/system origin being the most important information about our plurality.

No, we do not care if you think we are 'cringe'. We embrace cringe.

We exist, deal with it.

Do you want a page put up, taken down, or otherwise want to chat? Contact us at our [Tumblr] or at our [Dreamwidth].

Plural Code: P1.0 Mu N4 Gn4 S[nonhuman]4 Ou4 C7 Q9 Wr2o7

The Lineup:

Name: Silver

Pronouns: They/Them, It/Its, Kit/Kits, or no pronouns

- Your neighborhood dragon walk-in

- Math is sexy

- May also be referred to as 'Host'

Name: Mell

Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them

- Part time dragon, full time reddit arguer

- First rule of fictivity is you don't talk about the source

- Eat Sleep Consume JRPG

Name: Rain

Pronouns: He/Him, It/Its, They/Them

- Orignal Species Do Not Steal

- Been in the body the longest and grumpy about it

- Convert rage to motivation

Name: Fawn

Pronouns: Fae/Faer, She/Her, They/Them

- Shifting forms like dappled sunlight

- 00s scenecore dot mp3

- MahouShojoLover5000

Stamps and Banners:

Sources: Xenethes/Babydog + others in thread [HERE], also [LINK]