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Nonhuman Resources

Our Quick n Dirty Alterhuman FAQ

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NOTE: This is a modest archive, some sources may have opinions we do not share, or may not be as reputable as others.

Specific Sources To Avoid Here

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Alt+H Forums | Draconity.org | Kinmunity | Nonhuman National Park | r/otherkin | The Obsidian Spire | Werelist

General Resource Sites & Pages:

Alt+H | Alterhumanism | Anotherwiki | Beyond Humanity | Eristic.net | From Fiction | Otherkin.net | Otherkin 101 Carrd | Otherkin and Beyond FAQ by aura-aurem

Otherkin Resources Carrd | Otherkin Resource Center [archived] Project Shift | Spiralnature | The Lostkin Project | The Vampire Project | Werenet [archived] | Weyr.org

Writing Collection Focused Sites & Pages:

Orion Scribner's Writings | Otherkin Archive | Werelibrary | Wildpath Library

Personal Sites:

Some Essays, Articles, and Other Resources Of Note:

Coping With Past Lives

Why I Call Myself Transspecies by sad_wings_of_destiny

Gender Furry II, Now With More Scales

Beyond Identitykin by Lupa

Field Guide To Otherkin

Otherkin are the internet’s punchline. They’re also our future

Therapy and Otherkinity

Otherkin Lexicon

DogWithGlasses' Nonhuman Zines

Scribner's Driectory of Writings

Magic for the Other Soul by Ranthimi

Otakukin [ARCHIVED]

Othercon Archived Panels

The Otherkin Community and Bruce Lincoln's Definition of Religion