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System Lineup

Lineup of those in this system who have consented to be listed. Linked pages are not mobile or screenreader friendly and may contain blinking gifs.

Headshot image of a scaled silver dragon with a wedge-shaped head, a crest down the center of its forehead, large ear frills, and swept back horns.


Pronouns: They/It

ID: Silver Dragon (DND)

Your usual animal

Page: [LINK]

headshot image of a purple feline with swept back horns and glowing blue eyes.


Pronouns: He/Him

ID: Winged Feline Spirit

Has Seniority

Page: [LINK]

Headshot image of a girl with long pale hair pulled up into a pony tail and a scar over one eye.


Pronouns: She/They

ID: Fictive + Eastern Dragon

Part-time dragon, part-time girl

Page: [LINK]

Headshot image of a cream colored feline with long green ears, flowers growing on fae, two tufts of green fur that looks like pigtails, and a gold gem on faer forehead.


Pronouns: Fae/She/They

ID: Leafeon/Espeon Hybrid

Dreaming of the woods

Page: [LINK]

Bust image of a anthropormorphic cat with brown fur and short darker brown hair, he looks scruffy and wears glasses, a bell collar, and a red sweatshirt.


Pronouns: He/Kit/They

ID: Transpecies Cat Furry

Abomination to God 💕

Page: [LINK]

Bust image of a humanoid with pale purple-ish skin, long ears, nubby horns, short dark hair, and glowing cyan spots on xer skin. Xe has a glowing crystal on xer sternum that is neon cyan and red and has green slitted eyes.


Pronouns: Xe/Xer She/They

ID: Fictive AI

Siri's sexier cousin

Page: [LINK]

Headshot image of a three headed dog with lavender and orange-yellow fur with dark purple x-shaped markings on each head. The middle head has horns and one of the side heads wears a muzzle. The ears are docked but still very long.


Pronouns: It/Its

ID: Cerberus

Keroberos Subsystem

Page: N/A

Pixel headshot image of a grinning canine with sharp teeth and dark fur. She has red markings on her face and red eyes.


Pronouns: She/He/They

ID: Fictive + Canine Were

Naruto Running Directly To Hell

Page: N/A