- Xeno Metaseries Shrine -



The Xeno metaseries is a connected group of 'anime-esque' story-based fantasy/sci-fi rpg video games that use a shared set of lore.

The games are known for having complex and detailed plots and even more detailed motifs and symbolism folded into the lore of the world. The symbolism heavily draws from religious and philosophical sources.

While the games are frequently derided for being 'too anime' and 'too plot driven/complex', they have a loyal following of fans.

They are produced by MonolithSoft, which is currently a studio under Nintendo, but has been under both Square and Bandai Namco as well. Tetsuya Takahashi is the director of the games and has a lot of creative input into them.

Why A shrine?

We REALLY love the Xeno metaseries, so we decided to make this!

Shrines are websites or parts of websites centered around a particular thing, usually a piece of media, ship, or character. They used to be a common sight on the Old Web, and we feel strongly about bringing the tradition back.

What is the best order to play?

Our reccomended order to play is XC1, XC2, TTGC, FC, then the other installments. You can start in any order, but some games are easier to start with than others or give better emotional impact if you wait.

Who are you?

You may refer to us as Dragon. We are queer and plural. Please use they/them pronouns in reference to us.

We have been a fan of the Xeno series for around 9 years and our favorite game in the series is Xenoblade 2. We draw fanart and write fanfic as well as meta for the series.