Xenoblade Chronicles was released in 2010 in Japan for the Wii by Monolithsoft under Nintendo. It was created by Tetsuya Takahashi. It was released in North America in 2012. It was then re-released for the New 3ds in 2015, and given a remaster for the Switch in 2020. It is a real-time combat RPG that has gameplay similar to an MMO.

The story takes place on the frozen bodies of two warring titans whos denizens are in constant war themselves and follows Shulk setting out on a quest for revenge with his friend Reyn as he tries to figure out the secrets of a mysterious sword called the Monado.

The Xenoblade series is broken up in to seperate entries unlike the Xenosaga series because the games are not true sequels the way the Xenosaga games are.

Individual Games

Other stuff

Getting Into It

Of the entire Xenoseries, XC1 is the most approachable entry to start with. Its ease of access and its plot and gameplay being comparatively less dense makes it less intimidating compared to 'Saga and 'Gears, and as its the first game in a series and introduces the combat and story concepts the other 'Blade games build on it is also more approachable than the other Xenoblades.

While one can start with any one of the Xenoblade games and do alright as they are not true sequels, one gets the most narrative tension out of playing XC1 first.

That said, its still a dense and long game that is not for everyone, so this section is still here to help your decisionmaking process!

If you like:

Or if you liked:

This game might be for you!

Content Warnings

While its also lighter and softer than the other xeno entries in terms of content warnings, there are still definitely content warnings.

Where to find it

In terms of purchasing and playing it for yourself, the Defintive Edition is a recent release, so its still available on eshop and in the stores as a hardcopy, which is the better version by far of the main game in terms of QOL. It also comes with the Future Connected epilogue, which the Wii version does not.

If you want to play the original version instead, legit wii copies are much harder to come by and still extremely expensive so securing a copy would be much harder.

If watching a lets play is a suitable alternative, there are many cutscene movies and walkthroughs complete on youtube and it watches extremely well in this fashion. With just over 10 hours of cutscenes in the main game, it is a very cinematic experience.

There is also emulation as an option, and if you wish to play the wii version, this is the better option that you can get mods for. Yuzu emulator does work on Definitive Version as well.

Monado Archive had no english release, and was very limited where it did release so there is no legit way to gain english copies of the story in it and the copies that do exist are expensive. Fantranslations do exist, however.

Our thoughts

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