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Here is a modest collection of websites regarding nonhuman and fictional identification and sites by those with identities like this. The plural site archive is [HERE].

This is an archive of sites, NOT a reccomended list. Some sites may have incorrect information, incomplete or sparse pages, outdated views, be run by assholes or incompetent people, may be sketchy and innefectual, may be largely abandoned, or largely about something unrelated. The presence of a page on this list does not mean we agree with anything on the site or anything the webmaster(s) do.

Consider yourself warned.

Some pages may have 'DNIs'. The 'DNIs' of these pages are NOT affiliated with the archive nor does the presence of these pages indicate that we share the views reflected in them or that we do or do not 'qualify' for interaction according to them. This is an archive cataloging pages and nothing more.

Unlike the plural archive, this archive has no markings. Please be aware that older otherkind sites in particular may be associated with less savory groups. Use your critical judgement and exercise caution.

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Shining Hearth Gathering


Centarus Festival

Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering

Crossing The Thresholds (defunct)