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Image of a western-style quadrupedal scaled dragon with silver scales, long and swept back straight horns, and a prominent crest and head frills. Its bat-like wing webbing attaches all the way down to the base of the tail.
Name: 'Silver'/The Silver Dragon
Role: Host
Pronouns: They/Them, It/Its, none
Gender: Xenogender, Genderqueer
Sexuality: Queer Medusan
Species: Silver Dragon(DnD)
Other Labels: Kinky, Relationship Anarchist, Pagan


Hello, I am Silver, which is less a name and more a title, but suffices in the place of a name. I am your friendly neighborhood probably walk-in and have been in the body since around ~2013. I enjoy math, fantasy media- particularily anime and video games, and stockpiling data.

I am a ethical hedonist and a positive nihilist, and I am also a devotee of Cernunos, the liminal god of endings. I do not identify as human at all. As the current host and 'default' fronter, I am likely the one of us you will be talking to at any given time.

"If you wish us monsters than monsters we shall be, no less kind, but never one of you"

Userboxes by Xenethes/Babydog + others in thread [HERE]

Some stamps by [Sunbirds],