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Unreccomended Sources

This page is a list of resources that while they work, there are glaring issues with that resource. This can include anything from the source having incredibly outdated/incorrect/stolen information to the webmaster being actively dangerous.

Why display them at all then? Because this is an archive, and the sources may still be useful to someone even if they have glaring problems. It also prevents The Missing Stair problem if it is talked about.

Plural Resources:

Astreas Web

The system behind this site plagarizes, is an abuser and just all around shitty. The specific greviances may be found [HERE], [HERE- also part 4], and [HERE]. Astrea is a large part of plural history and one of the oldest still working sites left and a megalist wouldn't be complete without them, but they are unfortunately rather shitty.


While having some very nice essays such as this one [HERE] that breaks down the theory of structural dissociation, they are abusive and have conned people out of money. Evidence may be found [HERE]


While holding a lot of good information on DID specifically, the system behind this website fakeclaims other systems and is system exclusionist. The site has several articles on it in which this is apparent.

Nonhuman Resources:


The creator of the reddit is on record for stating a belief in zoophilia as a sexuality/orientation, calling it 'zoosexual'. They also seem to imply that offending zoophiles are allowed on the subreddit, making the statement "Likewise, at r/Therian we don't ask you about your political affiliation, beliefs, sexual preferences, criminal records or any objectable past actions. We don't care and we believe it's not our place to judge." in relation to zoophilia while giving a wink nudge legal disclaimer of "- r/Therian does not endorse or encourage activities that might be illegal in your country of origin". Source link [HERE]

It is unknown if the other mods share the same sentiment and there seems to be no indication their stance has changed.

Therian Guide

Staff is anti-plural and frequently therian elitist. Anything posted to this site is incredibly difficult to get taken down or changed. Even more concerningly, one of the staff, LycanTheory has substantial evidence of beastality and pedophillia detailed [HERE], and others of the staff have connections on social media to well-known zoophiles. The staff that runs Therian Guide also runs Otherkin Phenomena.

Therian Amino

Therian Amino is the largest therian amino, but they are plural exclusionists, and only plural folks who meet their very strict and medicalized criteria of validity are allowed to identify as plural there. One must identify solely as traumagenic and must be clinically diagnosed or otherwise strictly fit the dsm 5 criteria for DID. This excludes those who have OSDD, old diagnoses of DID and MPD or DDNOS as well as all nondisordered systems and those who do not attribute their entire creation to trauma and the disorder. This is large swaths of the community. Anyone who protested this ban was kicked from plural groups there, including systems who were clinically diagnosed. Testimony link [HERE].