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Unrecomended Sources

This page is a list of resources with issues so glaring that even with a discliamer note, we do not feel comfortable displaying them in the site archives due to the webmasters being actively dangerous.

Why display them at all then? Because this is an archive, and the sources may still be useful to someone even if they have glaring problems. It also prevents The Missing Stair problem if it is talked about.

Plural Resources:

Astreas Web

The system behind this site plagiarized, is an abuser and just all around shitty. The specific grievances may be found [HERE], [HERE- also part 4], and [HERE]. Astrea is a large part of plural history and one of the oldest still working sites left and a megalist wouldn't be complete without them, but they are unfortunately rather shitty.


While having some very nice essays such as this one [HERE] that breaks down the theory of structural dissociation, they are abusive and have conned people out of money. Evidence may be found [HERE]

PluralHub Discord and associates

While they are inclusive and they and their associates provide useful resources such as this plurality FAQ [HERE], the mods of this popular server are highly toxic. This beware [HERE] is very long and details their unprofessional behavior. TLDR- They are guilty of general poor modding and mod power abuse including random banning, plagiarizing, term gatekeeping, behave like the authorities of the community when they are not, behave in a very toxic and guilt trippy manner to the point of sometimes being abusive, and ran the 'Blossom' bot extremely poorly. The poor running of this bot includes but is not limited to banning term coiners from the support server so they cannot request changes to their added coined term, refusal to remove coined hyper-specialized terms at the behest of the coiner, and removing the credit from coined terms in their bot. They call any criticism of them 'Witch Hunting' and are extremely cliquey to the point of blacklisting systems from large swaths of the community if they have a dissenting opinion.

Nonhuman Resources:


The creator of the reddit is on record for stating a belief in zoophilia as a sexuality/orientation, calling it 'zoosexual'. They also seem to imply that offending zoophiles are allowed on the subreddit, making the statement "Likewise, at r/Therian we don't ask you about your political affiliation, beliefs, sexual preferences, criminal records or any objectable past actions. We don't care and we believe it's not our place to judge." in relation to zoophilia while giving a wink nudge legal disclaimer of "- r/Therian does not endorse or encourage activities that might be illegal in your country of origin". Source link [HERE]

It is unknown if the other mods share the same sentiment and there seems to be no indication their stance has changed.

Therian Guide

As of 7/23/22: LycanTheory has left Therian Guide to create his own website, Therian Underground. However, the staff that remains are still toxic in the specified ways.

Staff is anti-plural and frequently therian elitist and act like authorities on the nonhuman experience when they are not. Anything posted to this site is incredibly difficult to get taken down or changed. Several of the staff are pro-bestalist or are affiliated with those that are.

Former staff member LycanTheory has several accusations of committing beastality and pedophillia[LINK], professes that being against sexually abusing animals is 'bigotry', and routinely makes twitter posts supporting those who sexually abuse animals- if not actively supporting the stance itself ([SOURCE] and [SOURCE] for some of said tweets). Others of the staff have connections on social media to well-known pro-offending zoophiles, as well.

The staff that runs Therian Guide also runs Otherkin Phenomena.

A more detailed look at this may be found [HERE].