Using a modified version of the Modified Werecard by Ashen 2012. [LINK].

Name: Fawn

Pronouns: Fae/She/They

Other aliases: Dragon[s] (system name)

Preferred contact venue: dreamwidth @ monsterqueers

Theriotype(s): Leafeon-Espeon hybrid (cultural nonhumanity - cat)

Phantom Limbs/Shifting Ability: Phantom limbs, mental shifts, shifts between human and animal shape in headspace but usually somewhere in between.

Description, Human: (headspace appearance when in a human form) Dirty blonde chest-length hair, tied in braided forward-facing pigtails. Green eyes. Feminine-androgynous, ranges between adult and child appearance.

Description, Were: Leafeaon-espeon hybrid, leaning more towards the leafeon side of the spectrum. Species is feline in nature.

Dream Territory: Forest with a sunny clearing to garden in and a nearby brook

Human Career/Schooling: System holds associates degree in electrical engineering

General Hobbies/Interests: Gardening, drawing, puzzling

Favorite Media properties: Folk music, Pokemon, various magical girl media, The Magnus Archives, Welcome to Nightvale, Warrior Cats

Personal Quirks & Things you do that others might find annoying: Cat echoalia, people pleaser