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Alterhuman Articles

Some Essays, Articles, and Other Resources Of Note:

Coping With Past Lives

Why I Call Myself Transspecies by sad_wings_of_destiny

Gender Furry II, Now With More Scales

Beyond Identitykin by Lupa

Field Guide To Otherkin

Otherkin are the internet’s punchline. They’re also our future

Therapy and Otherkinity

Otherkin Lexicon

Scribner's Driectory of Writings

Magic for the Other Soul by Ranthimi

Othercon Archived Panels

The Otherkin Community and Bruce Lincoln's Definition of Religion

A Symbol System For the Otherkin/Therian Community

Spiralnature Article

alt.fan.dragons history testimony

perspective on being fictionkin

How to know if you are kin ask answer by shadowfae

Whats a DA?

The Chordata Guide to Otherlinking

Yandere Bitch Club source post

Being an Adult Therian

Pitfalls of Thinking Alterhumans can fall into

In the importance of not basing relationships on past lives

On the dragonic mysanthropy problem

So You're not Who You Thought You Were (Otherkin version)

Dragonic Glossary

Lion J Templin's Archive of Animal Spirituality Essays

Therian Community Survery #1

AHWW Blank Werecard

Original Werecode

Fictionkin Ask Game

Otherkind word history

Alternatives to kinning

Faeborn vs otherkin - ancient drama about incarnated nonhumans vs everything else

Old fictionkin about

old elfkind essay

What The Hecks an Otherkin?

Transcendence: A Comprehensive Guide To Robotic Identity

The Great AHWW Survey results

AHWw Poll'97 results

Alterhumanity and Sexuality Survey results

Therianthropy and Gender Experience

Fictionkin and Race

What KFF is and is not

The Fictionkin Guide on wattpad

Elven Like Me

Old otherkin FAQ

Otherkin Coalition's old FAQ

Otherkin and Beyond FAQ by aura-aurem


Professional Papers:

schizotypy and autism in nonhumans | altcopy

on nonhuman identity

Paper on otherkin


Ramiel by Fang and Stargirl - Short story game

Dog(s) by SoftAnnaLee - Short story game

Pretend My Blanket is Wings by Beeyolk - Short story game

Bee and Moth by Beeyolk - Short story game

Why am i a robot by Maple Mavica Syrup - short zine

Theri There by Orion Scribner - webcomic

Transspecies by Altoworks - music album

Nonhuman Zines by Dogwithglasses